Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Please help

Hi Guys,

I need your help. Please visit and lend the amazing support you give me to www.amarina.bravehost.com . Amarina is a little girl who lives near me who has a number of medical issues. I’m trying to help her family with fundraising and I came up with the idea of a book of “kid friendly “ recipes and activities. I need ideas for contents of the book. So please email your favourite “Kid friendly “ recipes and activities to milkbottle05@yahoo.com.au Please put Amarina in the subject line. Please pass this onto all your friends. I need as many ideas as I can. Thanks and love from Karen.

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Banana Smooties

Yesterday I wanted a Banana smoothie but the smoothie store is not wheelchair accessible. So I had to send my cousin in to buy it for me. She had to make a few trips out questioning me about the size I wanted etc. The store owner noticed and asked her what she was doing. she explained and the owner told me to stand at the door any time and toot my horn and she'll come and serve me. So now I can get smooties any time I want yay!

Monday, April 2, 2007

Because I'm uninspired (on disability) and lazy tonight I'm posting the lyrics to a song that inspires me somehow.
Drive til the wheels fall off by Adam Brand
My daddy threw me a set of keys and said
Look outside and my heart skipped a beat
When I saw what was sittin’ in our front drive
That old Ford was as old as me
It had, faded paint and some holes in the seats
It didn’t look like much but it was mine
And as I climbed inside

He told me, treat it like it’s your last one
And take your time coz it goes real fast son
And don’t you worry about breakin’ down or gettin’ lost
Coz breakin’ down’s just a hard luck lesson
And gettin’ lost helps you find direction
So hit the road and make the most of the gifts you’ve got
And drive it till the wheels fall off

That old car’s seen a lotta things
My first steady job that paid for the ring
That I gave to my first love
Now it’s parked outside the church where I’m
‘Bout to make a vow to her
My daddy pulled me aside and he said son
I know it’s your first and if you want this love to work

You better treat it like it’s……

Oh yeah breakin’ downs just a hard lesson
And getting lost helps you find direction
So hit the road and make the most of the gifts you’ve got

Just drive it till the wheels
Just drive it till the wheels
Just drive it
Just drive it
Till the wheels fall off