Saturday, June 23, 2007

Catching you all up again

Its been awhile again. I wanted to write and catch you up on the goings on in my world. I have been for several AFO appointments but I still don’t have them. The people who make the AFOS tried a different design and it just didn’t work and was not practical because I can’t wear shoes with them. After much playing around with foot angles I was able to stand straight in them though. The plan for now is for me to wear these while at physical therapy and get another one for my right foot to wear all the time. Logic tells me that for balance I will need them on both feet but I don’t know anything and am apparently not worth listening to.

I have also had an MRI and in a few weeks will have my first visit with a neurologist. The MRI went well and I was able to do it without sedation despite many people telling me I wouldn’t be able to because of the Cerebral Palsy.

Not really much else going on heath/cp wise. Same old spasms and crappiness feeling but I’ll do what I do best pick up the fragmented pieces of my life and move on. More later…

Sunday, June 3, 2007

I'm me

I’m me

I am a butterfly,

I am a bee,

I’m a dragon,

I’m me

I’m twisted,

I’m tortured,

I’m trapped yet I’m strong,

I’m me.

I’m a human being,

With thoughts and feelings too,

I cry & laugh just like you,

Because I am me.

Thirsty Merc concert

Last night I went to see Thirsty Merc (one of my favourite Aussie bands) in concert. The crowd were like crowds at most places and inconsiderate of the fact that I couldn't see a thing when they stand in front of me. Some even lent on me and my chair and one girl tried to sit on my lap. needless to say I wasn't going to enjoy the show much when all this was going on. To make a long story short the manager of the venue arranged for me to watch the show up on the stage so I had the best view in the whole place! It added extra excitement to the night and was a real victory in terms of disability access.

Friday, June 1, 2007

People that impact on my life

There are many people who have impacted upon my life and shaped the person who I am today. There are the usual suspects like parents, grandparents, brother, aunties, uncles, friends and teachers. But for me there are also the doctors and nurses and therapists without some of whom I wouldn’t be alive today and without the rest I wouldn’t be as capable as I am today. So it was hard for me to decide who to write this exercise on.

Eventually I decided to write about my Nana Dot (great grandmother) because she is the first person I remember who thought I was special because I’m Karen, not because I was the little girl with CP. She accepted me for who I was and who I wanted to be and didn’t try to “improve” me with therapies etc.

So dear readers, who impacted on your life?